We’re working to leave no trace on the world...


Being ‘clean’ is at the heart of our business, clean means much more to us than just scrubbing your boat, bike or caravan - in fact, we’re on a mission to lead a clean world revolution. Bit feisty coming from a cleaning company, we’ll admit!

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Clean Packaging

We’re waging a war on single-use plastic and we encourage every customer to reuse their bottles with our unique refill options!

All of our bottles are made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR). That means all the plastic you have recycled is now being used in our bottles. Yep, bottles made from other recycled bottles! As well as this we offer innovative refill pouches that use 80% less plastic than the equivalent volume sized bottle.

Clean Ingredients

You get out what you put in. Which is why all of our formulations are made of biodegradable, naturally derived ingredients.

We believe in authenticity and in empowering our advocates to make fully informed decisions about the products they choose. so we disclose the ingredients in our products, the processes we use to make them and the practices and values of SLEEK as a company.


We use fragrances that are designed to smell fresh and wonderful – not overpower you with toxic chemicals!

In a world where cleaning products smell at best bland and boring, and at worst noxious and offensive (fake pine, anyone?), we take pride in making products that smell great. so we make sure that we put the right attention into developing fragrances that don’t pose a threat to people and the environment.


We’re making our supply chain more responsible. Like buying local when we can, and using suppliers who share our values.

We work with our ingredient and packaging suppliers to ensure that the materials used in method products, from the plastic in our bottles to the ingredients in our formulations, adhere to the highest material quality standards and are manufactured in environmentally responsible ways.

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Integrating sustainability into the core of our business

Just as we’ve chosen the highest quality, plant-based ingredients to make our powerful products. We have also chosen sustainable options in materials wherever possible. We’re waging war on single-use plastic and we encourage each customer to reuse their bottles. Integrating refill pouches is a key business strategy for us as these offer an 80% water, energy and plastic savings vs. a bottle. We also buy local when we can, and use suppliers who share our values.

We do not want to leave our mark on the world, in fact, we will keep striving to leave no trace that we were ever here at all.

Small world. Big ambition.